About the Foundation

The foundation Amicis was established in 2005 in Wronki as a non-profit, non-governmental public benefit organization. Its aim is to help those who need this help the most, that is children, the elderly, the sick, the lonely, the homeless, or the addicted. We wish to alleviate their daily concerns, help them solve basic problems, and give them hope for a better tomorrow.

We are accomplishing these objectives by providing financial and material support to educational, child care, and welfare institutions.

Nursing homes and welfare centers that give shelter to a number of disadvantaged people receive from us free home appliances manufactured by Amica S.A.

Moreover, we promote active leisure among children and young people, especially in rural areas and small towns, by subsidizing various sports activities and sightseeing tours.

Our Foundation supports cultural initiatives that help young people make their dreams come true. We also visit schools and kindergartens, orphanages, therapeutic workshops, and individual families, as well as cooperate with social welfare centers, which allows us to reach those in need directly.

Every year, Amicis organizes pre-Christmas meetings, during which children receive gifts and large families are given food packages. Similar campaigns are also conducted during Easter, supporting the most impoverished families residing in Wronki or the neighboring towns.

Everyone involved in the activities of the Foundation performs voluntary social work. With marginal administrative expenses, we use almost 100% of the funds for social welfare needs.

The main sponsor of Amicis is the company Amica S.A.